Sterling Takes Wine Drinkers Back to a Memorable Summer

    Dude! (Or dude-ette, as the case may be…) Check this out!

     On August 22, Napa Valley’s Sterling Vineyards will present an event called “Summer of ’69: Celebrating 40 Years of Fine Winemaking.”

     Yes, the main purpose of the event is to attract a big crowd and sell a lot of Sterling wine. In corporate-speak, it’s a marketing initiative.

     But it also figures to be a lot of fun.

     Once one emerges from Sterling’s aerial tram well above the parking lot, an array of food and wine stations will await. Nothing too unusual about that.

     However, the “Summer of ’69” theme also will feature memorabilia from that era (groovy!) as well as live music spotlighting ’60s tunes (far out!).

     So, if you’re a wine drinker of, ahem, a certain age, there may be no better way to spend an evening this summer.

     The cost is $69 per person (naturally) when tickets are purchased in advance, or $79 at the door. For further information, visit, or call 800-726-6136.

     We’ll be telling you about a few more fun wine events in the days ahead. Meanwhile, stay cool.

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