K-J Embraces Energy-Saving Lighting

    Just as wine is often best enjoyed years after its original bottling, Kendall-Jackson Winery expects to see the benefits of an energy-efficient lighting solution for years to come.

     The California winery aims to save more than $100,000 annually in energy and maintenance costs as a result of an energy efficiency program that features innovative new lighting from GE Consumer & Industrial.

     “We are taking a holistic approach to increasing energy efficiency,” explains Robert Boller, vice president of sustainability for Kendall-Jackson. “Beyond changing out the lights, we are hoping to be an example of environmental stewardship. Making smart choices at every decision point allows us to have the lowest environmental impact with the highest efficiency.”

     Kendall-Jackson’s Kittyhawk location, a central production and storage facility, provided the main stage for the lighting retrofit.

     The 11.5-acre location includes a high-bay area that contains mostly barrels and cased goods, and a low-bay area that houses production and bottling operations. The facility’s previous lighting design relied on a 400-watt metal halide system throughout.

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