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The Top 10 Sexy Wines of All-Time

… brought to you by your flirtatious friends at Vinesse

    Let’s face facts: Virtually everything in life has sexual overtones.

     Sex has spawned movie ratings (X and R) and music ratings (“Warning: Contains Explicit Lyrics”).

     Sex sells products — everything from cars to shaving cream. Remember the commercial in which a blonde bombshell urges…

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Staglin Hosts Music Festival for Mental Health

    The 15th annual Staglin Family Vineyard Music Festival for Mental
Health will be held on Saturday, September 12 at the Staglin Family
Vineyard in the Napa Valley town of Rutherford.

     The event will feature performances by legendary rock and roll queen Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo.

     Celebrating 15 years, the Staglin Family Vineyard Music Festival
is the highest grossing fund-raising event related to wine without an
auction, with a 14-year total, including…

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GrapeFest Returns to Grapevine

     For nearly a quarter of a century, folks have flocked to the
historic Texas town of Grapevine for a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly
event known as GrapeFest.

     The 2009 edition is scheduled for September 17-20, and here’s a list of just some of the activities that are planned…

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Will Lighter Wine Bottles Pass the Squeeze Test?

    We’ve been weaning ourselves off of plastic water bottles for the better part of a year now.

     Whereas we once sipped our way through a couple dozen bottles per
week, now we’re toting portable mugs, and drinking out of plastic
bottles only on rare occasions.

     Many of the water companies have taken note of the shift in public
opinion over plastic bottles — and the damage they can do to…

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Another Reason (Like You Needed One!) to Visit Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth.

     Regardless of the season, the region offers breathtaking scenery.
But if we had to pick a favorite time to visit, it would be when the
summer crowds have subsided, the kids are back in school, and the
summer begins its gradual transition into…

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Fetzer Gives Away Honda Civic Hybrid

    South Carolina resident Danny Temples recently drove away in a
Honda Civic Hybrid car he won in the “Spot the Fetzer Car Sweepstakes.”

     The giveaway was part of Fetzer Vineyards’ campaign to promote its
sustainable practices across the U.S. through the Fetzer Eco Tour — a
traveling celebration of the winery’s earth-friendly practices.


     Throughout the campaign, consumers were encouraged to “Spot the
Fetzer Car” and sign up on the Fetzer Web site to enter to win a
hybrid, as well…

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It's Official: California Wine Month Returns

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared September as California Wine Month for the fifth consecutive year.

     Recognizing the Golden State’s vintners and growers for their more
than 200-year-old agricultural tradition, positive impact on the state
and national economies, and commitment to sustainable winegrowing
practices, the proclamation praises the wine community’s many

     “Our wineries attract tourism and provide countless jobs for
Californians. Many are also committed to serving their communities and
promoting socially and…

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Navigating Texas Wine Country

    Saying that you’re going to “Texas Wine County” is kind of like saying you’re planning to visit “Australia Wine Country.”

     Like Australia, Texas is… BIG.

     So, a new Web site devoted to the wineries of Texas is just what
the doctor ordered. “Go Texas Wine” is among the more comprehensive
wine region sites you’ll find, and it’s…

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More Summer Reading: The Gallo Dynasty

***image3***     Few names in the wine business generate as much emotional reaction
— positive, negative or somewhere in-between — as Gallo.

     In eight days, Phoenix Books will release a new book by Jerome Tuccille titled, “Gallo Be Thy Name.”

     Here is a brief description of the book from the…

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Summer Reading: Reassessing Bordeaux

    In Bordeaux, nothing is more inflammatory than the classification of 1855.

     It has impacted fortunes, created lifestyles and, on the other end
of the spectrum, caused great consternation and jealousy.

     Master of Wine Benjamin Lewin now adds fresh fire to old
controversies with his new book, “What Price Bordeaux?” The book is
published by…

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