Lights Turn Green at Geyser Peak Winery

    Geyser Peak Winery is taking a significant step in reducing its carbon footprint by teaming with Energy Industries to create a new state-of-the-art lighting system with integrated controls at both its winery and warehouse.

     The project reduced energy demand by more than 52% of the winery’s existing system. The impact is equivalent to removing 930,707 pounds of carbon emissions or 91 passenger vehicles from the road every year. The lighting upgrade is part of a long-term plan for energy efficiency and sustainability.


     “It’s all about balancing responsibility in our vineyards and in our winery facilities. It is critical to make smart choices with every decision to allow for the lowest environmental impact,” says Jim DeBonis, Ascentia Wine Estates’ CEO.


     Rather than swapping out fixtures on a one-for-one basis, Geyser Peak opted for a design solution based on light levels rather than fixture placement. In the tank rooms and crush areas, fixture counts have been reduced in over-lit areas, while in the cellars a multi-system approach was used by blending several lamp technologies. To achieve even greater savings, integrated occupancy sensors were installed on every high-bay fixture in both the east and west facilities.


     Scott Wallace, Ascentia Wine Estates Vice President of Operations, notes, “We were thoughtful about this project, and designed a complete system that was environmentally sound and practical, and most importantly, would have immediate energy savings impact. We intend to implement more energy efficiency projects within our wine group in the near future.”


     Adds Aaron Niderost, Geyser Peak’s Director of Operations: “We’re more strongly committed than ever to being a responsible partner in our community for many more years. All of the projects will be the result of long-term thinking, community spirit and global concern.”

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