Stars Strut Spraying Skills

    During the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship — often referred to as the Super Bowl of celebrity events — many players took the opportunity to show off their locker-room celebratory skills in the 2nd annual “Korbel Celebrity Spray-Off.”


     Participating players included winner Tony Romo, runner-up Jerry Rice, and third-place finisher Charles Barkley among more than 35 other celebrity participants. Players were judged on champagne cork distance and style of the champagne spray.


     Tony Romo, star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, took the title of “Spray-Off Champion” when he “went long” with the cork and impressed the crowd with his stylish champagne spray.


     Former NFL All-Pro wide receiver Jerry Rice and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley won over the crowd with their exciting champagne sprays and long-distance corks. Rice, known for being light on his feet, used his star dancing skills to earn style points, while Barkley’s finish in the Spray-Off was guaranteed to be higher than his placing in the golf tournament.


     Each player had his own unique style — some focusing on cork distance, while others took advantage of the chance to entertain and spray the crowd. The Spray-Off made for an entertaining competition, whether it was Jack Wagner’s amusing dance moves or Ben Roethlisberger drenching the crowd.


     Other style-makers of the Spray-Off included Trent Dilfer, who put on his rally cap for extra style points; Joe Theismann, who was determined not to let the rookie athletes show him up; Mario Lemieux, who performed a complete 360-degree spin and spray; or Jim McMahon, in his signature bare feet and striped pants.


     Here’s a list of those who took part in the event…


     * Football Players: Ben Roethlisberger, Jerry Rice, Mark Rypien, Tony Romo, John Elway, Sterling Sharpe, Jim McMahon, Joe Theismann, Chris Chandler, Lawrence Taylor, Vinny Testaverde, A.J. Hawk, Trent Dilfer, Marshall Faulk, Matt Ryan, Trent Green and Derek Anderson.


     * Basketball Players: Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Anfernee Hardaway, Marcus Allen and Shane Battier.


     * TV Personalities: Maury Povich, Kevin Nealon, Brian Baumgartner, Joe Buck, Bruce McGill and Jack Wagner.


     * Hockey Players: Jeremy Roenick, Brett Hull, Mike Eruzione, Mario Lemieux, Dan Quinn and Pierre Larouche.


     * Baseball Players: Ozzie Smith, Bret Saberhagen and Joe Carter.


     * Other Participants: Dale Jarrett and Herman Edwards.

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