Smooth Sailing for Winery Sponsorship

    Dry Creek Vineyard, the family-run winery known for its sailboat labels (and featured numerous times by the wine clubs of Vinesse), has signed another year of sponsorship agreements with US SAILING, the national governing body for sailing in the United States.

     The agreement includes a contribution from Dry Creek Vineyard to support US SAILING’s education programs based on sales of Dry Creek Vineyard wines. The partnership between the two organizations assists the efforts of US SAILING as the premier sailing industry expert in the United States, and extends marketing opportunities for Dry Creek Vineyard.

     The arrangement targets a key demographic, as sailors as well as the sport’s enthusiasts have ideal wine-consuming households. These consumers (53 years old with an annual household income of $102,800, 29 percent of which have a net worth over $1 million) also are passionate about the same thing as the owners of Dry Creek Vineyard, which makes for a perfect match.


     The Dry Creek Vineyard family has expressed its passion for sailing with paintings of classic sailing yachts on wine bottle labels since the early 1980s.

     “Clearly, our goal is to increase our consumer base,” admits Kim Stare Wallace, Vice President of Dry Creek Vineyard. “That’s a fundamental fact of doing business. What we want to do with US SAILING, though, is connect with and support sailors because we have a genuine bond with them. Sailing is the third most important thing in our lives, just behind family and wine.”

Posted in Wineries of Distinction
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