More Summer Reading: The Gallo Dynasty

    Few names in the wine business generate as much emotional reaction — positive, negative or somewhere in-between — as Gallo.

     In eight days, Phoenix Books will release a new book by Jerome Tuccille titled, “Gallo Be Thy Name.”

     Here is a brief description of the book from the publisher:


     The book is the portrait of an American dynasty that rose from abject poverty in the early 1900s to become the most successful wine company in the world though hard work, unfettered ambition, and crime.

     From selling “Dago Red” to Al Capone during Prohibition to conquering America’s wine market with cheap wine brands Thunderbird and Ripple… from the Great Depression to the roiling farm labor movements of the sixties and seventies… and from the 1990s wine boom to today’s financial gyrations… the Gallos rode the turbulent currents of history to triumph with iconic brothers Ernest and Julio steering the ship.

     But beneath the E. & J. Gallo Winery’s carefully polished surface is a sweeping story of passion and power, swirling with rumors of murder.

     In “Gallo Be Thy Name,” biographer Jerome Tuccille goes beneath the shiny surface of the Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery to unearth a sweeping story of passion and power that could only be told in America.


     If the author’s name sounds familiar, it may be because you’ve read or heard of other biographies that he has written. Among his 25 books have been in-depth portraits of Alan Greenspan, Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump.

     And he knows about the business world. Tuccille is a vice president for T. Rowe Price Investment Services.

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