Navigating Texas Wine Country

    Saying that you’re going to “Texas Wine County” is kind of like saying you’re planning to visit “Australia Wine Country.”

     Like Australia, Texas is… BIG.

     So, a new Web site devoted to the wineries of Texas is just what the doctor ordered. “Go Texas Wine” is among the more comprehensive wine region sites you’ll find, and it’s both attractive and extremely well organized.

     Once on the home page, you can choose from among eight different areas of the state:

     * Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail

     * Grapevine Wine Trail

     * Cross Timbers Wine Trail

     * Munson Wine Trail

     * Fredericksburg Wine Road 290

     * Way Out Wineries

     * Dallas Wine Trail

     * Texas Hill Country Wine Trail

     Click through, and you’ll find detailed information on each area’s wineries, along with links to the various winery Web sites.

     So, you can begin by selecting an area of the state you’d like to visit, and then plan a detailed itinerary around the specific winery information that appeals to you. What could be easier?

     Your Texas wine adventure begins by logging on to:

     COMING NEXT MONDAY: We’ll begin a special series on “The 10 Sexiest Wines.” Don’t miss it!

     Meanwhile, I hope you’ll check back here every day for your daily dose of wine news and views from your friends at the wine clubs of Vinesse.

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