The Top 10 Sexy Wines of All-Time…No. 8 — Mouton-Rothschild

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    As we continue our countdown of “The Top 10 Sexy Wines of All-Time,” we venture to the Bordeaux region of France…

The Top 10 Sexy Wines of All-Time

No. 8 — Mouton-Rothschild

     Although its wines can vary greatly in quality from vintage to vintage, Mouton-Rothschild remains one of the sexiest wines on the planet.

     This is due in no small part to its labels which, since 1945, have featured original works of art by some of the world’s most acclaimed contemporary artists, as well as other individuals of note. For example:

     * 1958 — Dali.

     * 1969 — Miro.

     * 1970 — Chagall.

     * 1973 — Picasso.

     * 1975 — Andy Warhol.

     * 1982 — John Huston.

     * 2004 — Prince Charles.

     It has been said that when there is a bottle of Mouton-Rothschild on the dinner table, it’s like dining in an art museum.

     (That probably was uttered after a few glasses of the Bordeaux elixir had been consumed…)

     The most famous release of Mouton-Rothschild came from the 1993 vintage.

     The wine was quite good, receiving 90-point ratings from both Wine Spectator magazine and renowned critic Robert Parker. But it was the label that generated the fame.

     Because the label included a drawing of a nude female, the 1993 Mouton-Rothschild was banned in the United States.

     Not wanting to lose the revenue from the sale of the wine in the U.S., Mouton-Rothschild came up with a cream-colored label… sans artwork… for America-bound bottles.

     Of course, many people automatically began coveting what they could not have, so the price of a bottle with the original label shot up by about $50.

     And Mouton-Rothschild’s sexy reputation became even more risque.

     You can see the label that caused all the controversy here:

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The Top 10 Sexy Wines of All-Time

The List So Far…

10. Moet & Chandon Champagne

9. Any Port in a Storm

8. Mouton-Rothschild

     Tomorrow: No. 7

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