The Top 10 Sexy Wines of All-Time… No. 1 — Cristal

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     When you think about it, there really is only one wine that could top our list of the 10 sexiest wines of all-time. So, we complete our countdown with an obvious — but undeniably sexy — sparkler.

The Top 10 Sexy Wines of All-Time

No. 1 — Cristal

     It is made by the Louis Roederer Champagne house in France.

     The grapes used to make it are grown in the finest vineyards of Montagne de Reims, the Vallee de la Marne and the Cote des Blancs.

     It is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

     The wine typically spends about five years in the Louis Roederer cellars before it is released.

     And when it is seen in public, it turns heads.

     We refer, of course, to Cristal — which plays the dual roles of wine and table accessory.

     Cristal is the vinous equivalent of the Omega Skeleton Central Tourbillon watch, or the Ferrari 599 automobile.

     Even if that watch in your pocket is a Swatch, or that car in valet parking is a Pinto, people will assume you’re an Omega/Ferrari man simply because of the presence of the Cristal bottle.

     That’s because Cristal typically is the most expensive Champagne on a restaurant’s wine list. At Chicago’s acclaimed Tru restaurant, for instance, a bottle of 2002 Cristal Brut goes for $875.

     At that price, Cristal is no mere bottle of wine; it’s a status symbol. More than one man has used Cristal as a chick magnet.

     As for the wine itself, it typically is silky and harmonious, with a rich body.

     But the wine is secondary to the image it portrays.

     Cristal is liquid bling.

     And bling is sexy.

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The Top 10 Wines of All-Time

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