Muscat Canelli and a Delicious Danish Dessert

    Kringle is an authentic, oval-shaped Danish pastry with 32 layers of flaky, buttery dough that’s filled with a variety of fruit and nuts, then topped with a sweet icing.

     And, believe it or not, it can be enjoyed with wine.

     We’ll get to the perfect pairing in a moment. First, a little history…

     Danish immigrants settled in southeastern Wisconsin in the 1800s and brought this time-treasured coffeecake recipe with them.

     The name kringle references certain knots and cleats in Old World Scandinavia’s sailing language. The pastry’s original shape resembled an oversized pretzel tied with a knot. In the 1940s, bakers eliminated the overlapping dough, or knot, and the kringle was reconfigured to its current oval shape.

     Making kringle is a labor-intensive, three-day process. The dough undergoes the painstaking steps of resting and kneading, rolling, topping with butter, folding and chilling — over and over to create the multiple layers of flaky crust.

     The dough is then ready to be rolled and shaped into individual kringles. The bakers fill the dough with a paste, along with fruit and/or nuts. The edges are moistened with water and folded together, and once the pastry rises it is baked. Icing is applied after the kringle has cooled.

     For a special breakfast treat, try kringle with a well-chilled glass of Muscat Canelli or sparkling Asti Spumante.

– – – – –

     One of the best purveyors of kringle is the OH Danish Bakery in Racine, Wis. To learn more, visit

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