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The Land of a Thousand Wines

     Happy Halloween!

     This evening, if your neighborhood is like most neighborhoods, it will become the land of a thousand costumes.

     At first, the kids will be cute. As the evening wears on, and as the kids get tired, they might become a bit annoying.


     And at some point, a group of “kids” who are taller than you will arrive at the door…

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Wining and Dining in the Big City

      “Wine Country” – be it in California, Oregon, Washington or
locales around the world – typically is home to a number of wonderful

     But there still are plenty of fabulous wine-focused restaurants in America’s and the world’s big cities.

     With that in mind, we begin a series of occasional “Cellarmaster”
excursions to destination restaurants where wine shares the spotlight
with the food. We’ll begin with America’s three largest cities…

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The Wonders of French Cheese

     The language of cheese has a decidedly French accent: Brie… Camembert… Roquefort… Chevre…

     In fact, the French have created more kinds of cheese, or fromage,
than any other country. There are hundreds of cheeses to choose from,
enabling you to experience an amazing variety of flavors, styles and
aromas – each a product of the land, the traditions and the terroir of
its region.

     French cheeses offer an array of tastes and textures. They are
unrivaled in their ability to excite and tempt the palate. Enjoying
French cheese with…

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Mario Andretti Still Has That Winning Way

     If you are of a “certain age,” you undoubtedly recall watching
Mario Andretti driving fast cars, often on ABC-TV’s “Wide World of

     These days, Andretti is living life in the slow lane – or, at
least, a slower lane – as the owner of Andretti Winery in the
world-famous Napa Valley. And although Highway 29 is a far cry from
“The Brickyard,” he has settled into his second profession quite nicely.

     Andretti says he doesn’t actually remember the moment he fell in
love with wine; it just happened over a period of time. It no doubt
began while growing up in Italy, where…

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Before Ugly Betty, There Was Pretty Sally

     Those who receive “Cyber Circle” offers from Vinesse soon will
learn about an exceptional blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz from
Australia with an unusual name: Pretty Sally.

     The detailed Tasting Note that will accompany that “Cyber Circle” shipment has all the particulars about the wine.

     But there wasn’t enough room to tell the story of the Pretty Sally
name — the type of name that just begs for an explanation. There being
no space restrictions in…

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The Tulalip-to-Atlanta Wine Route

     It is my sworn pledge to bring members of the wine clubs of
Vinesse and visitors to information on where they can
sample the gift of the grape — whether it’s in an established “wine
country” locale or some other setting.

     Today, I have two of those “some other setting” options for you.

     Warning: The second one is just a few days away, so if you happen
to live in or near Atlanta… or if you’ll be traveling to that fine

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More Growers & Vintners Embrace Sustainability

     The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance has released a
report funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation revealing
that 101 winegrowers surveyed throughout California have a remarkably
high level of adoption of sustainable vineyard management practices.

     About 60 percent of the 101 surveyed winegrowers reported using 10
or more of the 16 environmentally friendly farming practices included
in the study. The six most-used practices, adopted by 80 percent or…

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Wheeling Through the Medoc in 2010


     We know you like wine. Why else would you be visiting this Web site?

     If you also happen to be a bicycle rider… or a fan of bicycle racing… read on.

     In 2010, the next-to-last stage of the fabled Tour de France will take place in the Medoc area of France’s Bordeaux wine…

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The Wine World Comes to Sacramento

     This January, California’s capital city of Sacramento will become
the center of the wine and grape world as thousands of industry
professionals gather for the 2010 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium,
one of the largest events of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.

     The Symposium, to be held at the Sacramento Convention Center Jan.
26 – 29, will feature a mixture of informational sessions and a trade
show that highlights the latest innovations in equipment and…

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North America's Top 10 Wine Destinations

     Earlier this month, the Web site TripAdvisor released its list of the “top 10 wine destinations in North America.”

     Here’s a look at that list:

     1. Napa Valley, California

     2. Sonoma, California

     3. Willamette Valley…

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