Three Unique Wining-and-Dining Destinations

    “Style” comes in many guises, especially when dining out.

     We checked out new restaurants in three wine-centric countries, and enjoyed three very different — all delightful — dining experiences.

     * ITALY — Tuna in Rome is attracting seafood lovers from all over the city.

     The restaurant is particularly popular among couples or small groups that like to share, whether it’s the crudo di pesce a crostacei (a mix of cold appetizers) or the misto tuna (an assortment of hot dishes including mussels, calamari and anything else the chef cares to toss in).

     The wine list is heavy on whites, as you might imagine, and worth a second look midway through your meal.


     * FRANCE — Auberge de Chassignolles is what might be called the “mid-life crisis” of Harry Lester, the former co-owner of the Anchor & Hope restaurant in London.

     He’s about as far from the big city as he can get, and now prepares dishes using whatever local ingredients are available on any given day.

     The wine list is just as quirky as the “menu,” so go with an empty stomach and an open mind.


     * PORTUGAL — If Lester’s new venture is minimalist, then Arola in Sintra would have to be categorized as over the top.

     The wine “cellar” is smack-dab in the middle of the dining room, the 500 or so selections housed in a transparent case.

     The cuisine is just as dazzling, with the passion fruit vinaigrette-drizzled scallop carpaccio being among the star dishes.


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