California Wine: 'Crushing' the Numbers

    Yes, we meant to type “Crushing” up there in the headline.

     Yes, we know the commonly used phrase is “crunch the numbers.”

     But this is a column about wine, okay? And in the world of wine and grapes… we crush.

     (Sorry. Didn’t mean to get carried away there…)

     Courtesy of Wine Institute and the California Association of Winegrape Growers, a whole bunch of wine-related numbers recently crossed my desk… and some of them were pretty interesting. So, I thought I’d share of few of them with you…

     * 2,843. If you read this journal on a regular basis, you know that’s the number of wineries in California (at the time Wine Institute issued its press release).

     * 4,600. That’s how many winegrape growers there are in California. Even with a good deal of crossover with the wineries, that still means there are a good many folks who concentrate on nothing but growing grapes.

     * 110. That’s the number, at a minimum, of winegrape varieties grown in California today. If you can name more than a couple dozen, you’re doing very well. Many are quite obscure, limited to smaller-than-an-acre plantings.

     * 48. Of the 58 counties in California, that’s the number in which winegrapes are grown.

     * 20.7 million. That’s how many people visit California’s wine regions each year. Frankly, based on the previous stat, they’d have to go some to not visit a wine region.

     * 820,000. The number of jobs in the United States that are created by California wine.

     * 330,000. The number of those jobs in California.

     And finally, my favorite statistic of all…

     * Between 600 and 800. The number of grapes, depending primarily on their size but also their level of ripeness, that it takes to make one standard (750-ml.) bottle of wine.

     Something to think about while munching on that Thompson Seedless bunch at lunch…

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