The Wonders of French Cheese

     The language of cheese has a decidedly French accent: Brie… Camembert… Roquefort… Chevre…

     In fact, the French have created more kinds of cheese, or fromage, than any other country. There are hundreds of cheeses to choose from, enabling you to experience an amazing variety of flavors, styles and aromas – each a product of the land, the traditions and the terroir of its region.

     French cheeses offer an array of tastes and textures. They are unrivaled in their ability to excite and tempt the palate. Enjoying French cheese with a glass of wine is the best way to experience the joie de vivre that is at the heart of the French lifestyle.

     In planning a fromage plate, think quality as opposed to quantity, showcasing anywhere from three to five cheeses. Plan on four to six ounces of cheese per person.

     Choose a variety of cheese styles (from creamy soft to hard) and milk types (from goat to sheep to cow’s milk-based cheeses). For peak freshness and flavor, shop for cheese within just a few days of your event. And don’t be shy about asking the experts for help; your local fromager can suggest complementary flavors and textures to create a harmonious cheese platter.

     What about the wine? In general, pair a mild cheese with a lighter, milder wine, and a more robust, stronger cheese with a bolder wine.

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