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All the Wine World's a Circle

     There’s nothing more important on the American agenda than education.

     It’s true in peace time.

     It’s true when we’re at war.

     And it’s doubly true when we’re fighting…

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The Wine Biz Ain't What It Used to Be

     Silicon Valley Bank, a leading provider of commercial banking
services to the wine industry, has released preliminary findings for
its annual State of the Wine Industry Report for 2010-11.

     Based on in-house expertise and ongoing research among West Coast
wineries, the report reiterates the prior prediction that the market
will be slow to fully recover, predicts year over year sales declines
for calendar year 2009, but also forecasts modest growth at the
producer level in 2010.

     The growth prediction is tempered by observations of continuing economic softness and demographic shifts that…

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Wines Gone Bad

     Just as bad things sometimes happen to good people, it’s possible for a bottle of wine to “go bad.”

     Because wine does not come with a “use by” date stamped on the
label, it can be difficult to detect a “bad” bottle before opening it.

     The good news is that 95 percent of all wines have absolutely
nothing wrong with them. Among bottles sealed with closures other than
cork, that percentage is closer…

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Trinchero Family Provides Another Reason to Be Thankful

    On this day after Thanksgiving, we bring you another story of generosity…

     A $1 million gift from Trinchero Family Estates, a family-owned
wine company in the Napa Valley, will help the University of California
at Davis build new facilities for a program that provides disease-free
rootstock to California nurseries and is of critical importance to the
grape and wine industries.

     The donation was presented to the university at a meeting of
Foundation Plant Services, a program of the U.C. Davis College of
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences that produces…

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A Reason to Give Thanks: A New Scholarship

    All of us have many reasons to be thankful, even if they’re not always obvious.

     That’s why each Thanksgiving Day, we seek out a story that underscores the reason for the holiday.

     This year, countless men and women seeking careers, or seeking to
better their careers, in the wine industry have a new reason to be

     That reason: Approximately $20,000 in scholarships per year will
be available to students studying for an MBA degree from the Wine
Business Institute at…

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Top 10 North American Wine Destinations…#1- Rutherford, California

Top 10 North American Wine Destinations

#1 – Rutherford, California

     It would have been way too easy – not to mention extremely lazy –
to award the No. 1 position in our countdown of the top 10 wine
destinations in North America simply to the Napa Valley.

     That said, there was no question that some area of Napa Valley had
to top our list. The challenging question was: Which one?

     Frankly, we could easily have included five or six Napa
sub-appellations among our top 10. But that, too, would have been
taking an easy…

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Top 10 North American Wine Destinations…#2 – Healdsburg, California

Top 10 North American Wine Destinations

#2 – Healdsburg, California

    There are two reasons the northern Sonoma County town of
Healdsburg earns such a lofty ranking on our list of the top 10 wine
destinations in North America:

     1. You can use the quaint town as a home base for exploring the
wineries of no fewer than four acclaimed viticultural areas – Russian
River Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley and Chalk Hill.

     2. You can opt to stay downtown, park your car, and explore the neighborhood on foot – concentrating on the historic…

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Entering the Home Stretch

     Here’s hoping you have all of your planning done and most of the
ingredients purchased for this Thursday’s exercise in excess, otherwise
known as Thanksgiving dinner.

     If you still have a hole or two on your menu, check out our
weekend postings or go directly to the “Food & Wine Recipes”
archives. There, you’ll find recipes for a great side dish (Acorn
Squash With Apple-Raisin Stuffing) and a wonderful dessert (Pumpkin
Cheesecake Tarts).

     Both are tasty alternatives to the same-old same-old dishes.
(Really, will anyone miss the green bean casserole if you substitute…

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Pumpkin Pie Is Not Your Only Option

     This recipe, which makes a great alternative to the typical
Thanksgiving dessert, makes 12 tarts. Try it with a well-chilled Blanc
de Blancs sparkling wine.



* 2/3 cup gingersnap cookies, crushed

* 2 tablespoons butter, melted

* 8-oz. package cream…

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Not the Same-Old Same-Old Side Dish

     Looking for a different side dish to serve this Thanksgiving? Try this easy-to-prepare recipe, which makes 4 servings.



* Boiling water

* 2 acorn squash

* 2 large cooking apples, peeled…

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