Trinchero Family Provides Another Reason to Be Thankful

    On this day after Thanksgiving, we bring you another story of generosity…

     A $1 million gift from Trinchero Family Estates, a family-owned wine company in the Napa Valley, will help the University of California at Davis build new facilities for a program that provides disease-free rootstock to California nurseries and is of critical importance to the grape and wine industries.

     The donation was presented to the university at a meeting of Foundation Plant Services, a program of the U.C. Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences that produces, tests, maintains and distributes premium plant materials.

     “We are delighted with the Trinchero family’s decision to help us expand our facilities for Foundation Plant Services,” said Neal Van Alfen, dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “Their generous gift helps California grape growers maintain access to healthy planting stock, which is essential for a competitive and economically viable industry.”

     Noted Bob Trinchero, board chairman of Trinchero Family Estates: “For decades, U.C. Davis has educated many top industry leaders in the wine community and we have benefited from the winemakers, viticulturists and scientists who have studied in U.C. Davis halls. Foundation Plant Services has helped shape our industry by providing state-of-the-art technologies and services for growing the finest grapes. Our decision to make this contribution to U.C. Davis and its Foundation Plant Services was based on our exceptional experiences with the university and its profound effect on the wine business.”

     Grape rootstocks are one of the principal horticultural crops supported by Foundation Plant Services. In 2008, the program released five new grape rootstocks with resistance to nematodes and phylloxera – two of the most damaging vineyard pests.

     In 1994, the unit moved into the university’s National Grapevine Importation and Clean Stock Facility, located west of the Davis campus. Since then, its programs have more than tripled, necessitating expansion for new staff and information technology needs.

     The Trinchero Family Estates gift will support construction of a planned $3.8 million, 5,600-square-foot new building adjacent to the current facility. The project aims to achieve LEED silver certification with a variety of sustainable design features, including water and energy efficiency. It will include a meeting room for hosting classes and stakeholder gatherings.

     “I’m extremely grateful for this gift and overwhelmed with the Trinchero family’s generosity,” said Foundation Plant Services Director Deborah Golino. “This new building will help us build greater capacity to better serve the California grape and wine industries. And we’re thrilled that it is in the process of being named the Trinchero Family Estates Building.”

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