Chile Winery Switches to Lighter Bottles

    Through the use of the Ecoglass bottle, Chile’s Vina Ventisquero continues to strengthen its efforts to promote ecological responsibility and minimize the effect of its operations on the environment.

     As part of its corporate mission, Vina Ventisquero engages in ongoing efforts to raise ecological consciousness as the company evolves into a truly eco-friendly winery. Its latest initiative involves adopting Ecoglass technology that allows the winery to reduce the weight of its wine bottles by 12 percent.

     The Ventisquero Reserva and Varietal lines will be the first to be packaged in the new light-weight bottles. The winery’s “green” brand, Yali, also has adopted the new Ecoglass packaging for its products.

     Lighter bottles offer several benefits, including the use of smaller quantities of glass as well as better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions in production and transport. Additionally, lighter glass bottles are easier to recycle.

     This endeavor is the latest among many being pursued by the winery in the area of environmental preservation.

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