One More Reason to Visit Sonoma Valley

    Ah, wine country…

     Meticulously tended vineyards…

     Eclectic architecture…

     Winding country roads…

     Gingerbread houses…

     Gingerbread houses?!?

     Yes. All around Sonoma Valley.

     Throughout December, 13 Sonoma Valley wineries are displaying gingerbread likenesses of, well, themselves. As an example, last year’s winner – Nicholson Ranch Winery – put together a life-size gingerbread fireplace, complete with stockings.

     Nicholson Ranch has entered this year’s competition as well, along with:

     * Anaba Wines

     * Arrowood Vineyards & Winery

     * Chateau St. Jean

     * Cline Cellars

     * Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

     * Kenwood Vineyards

     * Landmark Vineyards

     * Larson Family Winery

     * Little Vineyards Family Winery

     * Robledo Family Winery

     * Roessler Cellars

     * Viansa Winery & Marketplace

     All of the wineries have maps available, and guests can cast a vote for their favorite gingerbread creation. For each ballot cast, the guest will be entered into a drawing for a case of wines from the participating wineries.

     The Gingerbread Winery Contest is just one reason to visit Sonoma Valley during the holiday season. For further motivation, go to

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