New Line of German Wine Glasses Unveiled

     Eisch Glaskultur, maker of Germany’s finest glassware products, has teamed with Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Ronn Wiegand to launch the Ronn Wiegand Signature series of Breathable Glass wine glasses.

     Each glass in the series was collaboratively designed by Wiegand and Eisch.

     “After a year and a half of using Eisch Breathable glasses on a daily basis – on hundreds and hundreds of red, white and rose wines from around the world – I was very impressed,” said Wiegand, publisher of the Restaurant Wine Newsletter.

     “I think that these Breathable glasses are truly revolutionary in what they do. They are amazingly effective in helping wines taste smoother, fruitier and more forward. I am so impressed with the glasses that I wanted to help them create a new series that helps highlight the elegance, grace and strength of the greatest wines from around the world.”

     “Ronn Wiegand was one of the first people in the United States to whom we showed the new Eisch Breathable Glass,” said Alan Zalayet, partner and President of Exports for Eisch Glaskultur, and Managing Director of Eisch USA. “Based on his knowledge and reputation, he was an important man to impress, and we’re glad we did. After that initial contact, Ronn tested the glasses for over a year, and finally the idea for the Ronn Wiegand Signature series was conceived.”

     The new line is machine-made, lead-free crystal with a pulled stem, and specially designed to show the best in “New World” wines. Each piece is produced from a single lump of glass, eliminating the seam between the stem and the bowl for a smooth, elegant profile.

     The series includes glasses for Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Champagne, plus an all-purpose red wine glass. Prices range from $239.99 to $324.99 for a set of six glasses.

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