Post-Holiday Gifts… To You, From You

    So… was Santa good to you this morning?

     Did he bring you everything you wanted? Or did sitting on his lap at the mall turn out to be just another holiday scam?

     Oops… sorry. Didn’t mean for any “bah-humbug” to sneak into today’s posting…

     Look, none of us got EVERYTHING we asked for. That’s why the stores have After-Christmas Sales. (Okay, okay… we know that’s not the real reason for those sales, but just try to follow along here, will ya?)

     If Santa could have done a better job in the wine accessory department, here are a couple of ideas for gifts that you can give yourself… at holiday time, or anytime…

     * “The Ponzi Vineyards Cookbook.”

     Written by Nancy Ponzi, the wife of Oregon wine industry pioneer Dick Ponzi, this book includes wine-friendly recipes from a woman who knows how to cook.

     After all, there’s a reason that the Ponzis’ Dundee Bistro is one of the most acclaimed restaurants in all of Oregon wine country.

     Each recipe is accompanied by a personal recollection… little gems that will inform you about the Ponzi family… food… wine… and life.

     The book retails for $24.95, and is widely available. We found it at Borders.

     * Wine Wipes.

     You know those moist towelettes that they hand out at fried chicken and barbecue joints? They work great on the hands, but their flavor isn’t exactly what we would call “lip friendly.”

     Well, Wine Wipes are. They’re orange-infused, so they taste just fine. And they can be used not only to wipe off your lips during a long evening of red wine drinking, but also to wipe off your teeth… which can take on a ghoulish red-purple hue if you’re not paying attention.

     Wine Wipes come in a mirrored compact, and there are three wipes in each packet.

     The $18 price tag may seem a little steep, but Wine Wipes ( do the job.

     Besides, it’s the holiday season, and you deserve to be pampered… even if your significant other dropped the ball.

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