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A Wine-Tasting Trip to Yosemite?!?

     One of America’s great natural treasures is Yosemite National
Park, some 310 miles from Los Angeles and 214 miles from San Francisco.

     If you’ve never been, you have to go. From its shear granite
cliffs to its glacier-carved valleys, and from its majestic waterfalls
to ancient sequoia groves, the Yosemite Valley is a place of beautiful

     Yosemite sits within Mariposa County, and here’s a tasty tidbit you may not have known: Mariposa is home to…

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2010: The Best Year Ever to Visit V. Sattui


     The Napa Valley has turned into a world-class travel destination,
offering 3-star resorts and Michelin-recognized restaurants to
complement its acclaimed wine estates.

     But there’s another side to Napa that only in-the-know… or
extremely lucky… visitors ever encounter. It’s the less pretentious
side of the valley, and it’s embodied by a winery in St. Helena that is
celebrating a very special anniversary in 2010.

     It’s V. Sattui Winery & Italian Market, which is about to turn…

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Before Long, Expect Brazilian Wines to Garner Lots of Gold

     It shocked the world – or, at least, it shocked the good people of
the United States – when the city of Chicago was eliminated in the very
first round of voting to decide the host of the 2016 Summer Olympic

     Most observers believed that Chicago was one of two cities with
the best shot at securing those Games. But the International Olympic
Committee ultimately gave the nod to the other favorite, Rio de Janeiro
– the first South American city ever so selected.

     So, in a few years, be prepared for a barrage of publicity about all things Rio. The city best known for…

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At Dutton Estate, Grape Sources Are Never an Issue

     In 1881, Warren Dutton purchased 200 acres of land in the Sonoma
County community of Santa Rosa. Joined by his brother Reed, the Duttons
planted their property to the best varieties of French prunes, a hot
commodity at the time.

     For many years the family business prospered on prunes, with
forays into pears and hops. Warren Dutton Jr., great-grandson of Reed
Dutton, grew up picking prunes and hops on the farm. In 1964, young
Warren and his new wife Gail bought their first 35 acres west of the
town of Graton. Their original family home now serves as the current
Dutton Ranch offices.

     Unable to sell their fruit through normal distribution channels,
Gail and young sons Joe and Steve peddled pears, prunes, apples, dried
fruit and gift packs to…

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