The Corvallis Liquid Diet

     Oregon’s bucolic Willamette Valley sits between the Cascade Mountains and the Coast Range, stretching some 100 miles from north to south as it follows the Willamette River.

     One of the valley’s towns is Corvallis, home to Oregon State University.

     As is the case in most college towns, Corvallis offers ample opportunities to enjoy liquid refreshment in multiple forms.

     In fact, it’s quite possible to go on a liquid diet for a full day and not feel even the least bit deprived.

     Yes, you can start your day with your favorite Starbucks beverage, but you can do that anytime. When in Corvallis, opt for a cup o’ joe from one of the local artisan roasters. Three to try:

     * Sivetz Coffee

     * Oregon Legacy Coffee

     * Red Horse Coffee

     After a morning of exploring the area, turn your lunch time into tea time. Two shops that offer a wide array of teas are:

     * The Tea & Herb Shop

     * Tas Tea

     Don’t linger too long, however, because happy hour beckons in just a few hours. And in Corvallis, that means sipping a handcrafted pint of beer. Don’t be surprised to encounter some of the college kids at either of these two establishments:

     * Block 15 Brewery

     * Oregon Trail Brewery

     Then finish off your day at…

     * Enoteca Wine Bar

     … which offers a wide array of local wines by the glass, accompanied on many nights by live music.

     Who needs food when the local beverages are this good?

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