10 Reasons to Switch to Screw Caps

    Over the years, the wine clubs of Vinesse have featured numerous wines from Bonny Doon, the winery founded by Randall Grahm.

     The eccentric Grahm has always been two or three steps ahead of the curve, embracing international grape varieties before just about anyone else, and crafting wonderful blends when 100% varietal wines were all the rage.

     He also was among the first vintners to embrace the use of screw caps on wine bottles, and even came up with a Letterman-style list of 10 reasons for doing so.

     Like the Letterman lists, there are a few, uh, PG-rated items here. You have been warned.

     So, without further ado, here are Grahm’s 10 reasons that wineries should make the switch from corks to screw caps…

     1. Never pay corkage fees again.

     2. When celebrating significant occasions with one’s colleagues (parole, commutation of sentence), it’s often difficult to locate a corkscrew.

     3. “Reverse” chic is just so in.

     4. Can begin a conversational gambit with a waitress with the line, “Would you, er, unscrew my bottle?”

     5. Perfect beverage for clothing-optional events.

     6. Will never fall for the old “left-handed corkscrew” gag again.

     7. Hard to find corkscrews down by the railroad tracks.

     8. Extremely humorous back-label can be pressed into service at occasional lulls in the conversation.

     9. You can no longer be accused of being a cork-sniffer.

     10. You will never again experience the heartbreak of T.C.A.

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