Ferrari-Carano: Sustainable From Vineyard to Bottle

     Sonoma County’s Ferrari-Carano winery has long practiced sustainable farming techniques to help protect the land.

     Don and Rhonda Carano realized that to achieve their goal of producing memorable wines of outstanding quality, they needed to start in the vineyards and not focus solely on the winemaking. Inspired to meet their present goals while preserving the land for future generations, they made the commitment to implement sustainable farming techniques from vineyard to bottle.

     Among numerous initiatives, Ferrari-Carano ensures natural crop nutrition by recycling organic matter (such as discarded and collected grape stems) for use as mulch in the vineyards, and planting cover crops such as mustard, herbs, wildflowers and olive tree orchards.

     These practices add back desirable, rich, moist and long-lasting nutrients to the soil and help prevent soil erosion, and also attract advantageous insects that help to naturally resist pest and disease attacks from undesirable species.

Posted in Wine and the Environment
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