The Ultimate Pairing Dinner

     A great way to learn more about pairing wine with food is to attend a winemaker dinner.

     At most such affairs, you’ll enjoy dishes you’re not likely to prepare at home, matched with wines from a specific winery.

     The tab can be high (sometimes soaring into three figures), but just as often falls into a more reasonable $50-75 range.

     Think of it this way: Not only are you getting a fabulous multi-course meal and a variety of exceptional wines, but you’re also learning about the wines – often from the winemaker him/herself.

     Shadowbrook Restaurant in Capitola, California, is taking the concept to the next level on February 23.

     Just as it has for the past 15 years, Shadowbrook will be hosting an event dubbed the “Ultimate Winemakers Dinner.”

     That’s right, winemakers – as in plural.

     The evening begins with a tasting of wines from 25 Santa Cruz Mountains winegrowers, after which attendees will be escorted to an intimate dinner – yes, with more wine.

     The cost is $105, a relative bargain since you’re getting a fairly intensive wine tasting along with the gourmet dinner.

     Reservations are required, and to see if spots remain available, call 831-685-VINE.

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