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Much-Maligned Merlot Makes a Comeback

    New research by The Nielsen Company into consumer wine consumption
patterns and attitudes reveals surprising facts about a wine both loved
and maligned in the United States: Merlot.

     Commissioned by Blackstone Winery and utilizing multiple Nielsen
data sources, the research finds that Merlot has the single largest
consumer base of any varietal wine in the U.S. and, of the major wine
varietals, is the one most closely associated with high quality at an
affordable price.

     Complete results of the research are detailed in a report
entitled, “Merlot Today: The State of the U.S. Merlot Market, Consumer
Attitudes and…

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Protecting the Heritage of 'Wines of a Place'

    The concept of truth in advertising should extend to wine labels.

     That’s why the Napa Ridge brand of wines caused such a stir at the
dawning of the new millennium. There is no geographic place known as
“Napa Ridge,” and there wasn’t even a Napa Ridge Winery.

     Vintners in real parts of the Napa Valley took umbrage with the
Napa name being hijacked (as they put it), and a lengthy court battle

     The very public debate over the use of the Napa name in a non-Napa
wine helped fuel interest in protecting wine region names around the
world. In 2005, representatives of seven regions signed…

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Make a Long Weekend of It in Sonoma County

     Looking for a fun way to nosh your way through Sonoma County wine country?

     Consider a long weekend – March 19-21, to be specific – when two big events are planned.

     The first, known as “Pigs & Pinot,” gives Charlie Palmer a
chance to get his swine on and to team up with four partners in…

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A 'Green' Way to Experience Wine Country

     Interested in visiting wineries without leaving a big footprint of the environmentally unfriendly type?

     Then pick up a copy of the GrassRoutes guide book devoted to
Northern California Wine Country. The sub-title: “Green Road Trips.”

     Never heard of GrassRoutes? Here’s some descriptive verbiage from its…

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