Wine Giant Donates to Haiti Relief

     It’s somewhat of an American pastime to bash the country’s corporate giants.

     That’s certainly true in the wine industry, since the concept of artisan winemaking promotes the belief that “smaller is better.”

     But sometimes bigger can be better as Diageo – one of the world’s largest wine, beer and spirits companies – spearheaded an effort that led to 45,000 pounds of food and emergency supplies being sent to earthquake victims in Haiti.

     Diageo’s airlift included World Health Organization-sanctioned emergency health kits, which contain enough materials to provide basic medical care to more than 10,000 people for 90 days.

     Among food supplies sent were beans, rice, cooking oil and Ensure.

     William Bullard, Diageo’s corporate relations director for Latin America and the Caribbean, was particularly touched by the effort.

     “The devastation caused by this earthquake is unimaginable,” he said. “Honestly, working for Diageo, I am humbled that the business gives us the opportunity to do what we can for those who have been so impacted by this disaster.”

     Added Bullard: “We will remain committed to providing relief and working together to rebuild in Haiti.”

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