Valentine's Day by the Numbers

     Hey, whatever happened to equal rights?!?

     That might be a man’s perspective after learning that this Valentine’s Day, men will spend an average of $135.35 on various goodies, while women will spend only $72.28.

     What’s up with that?!?

     It’s obvious that in order to even things up a bit, women need to buy a bottle or two of wine before Sunday.

     We all could save a boat load of money if we simply ignored our significant others and concentrated on the other people in our lives. According to the National Retail Federation, this Valentine’s Day we will be spending:

     * $5.39 on friends. (Not including Facebook friends, we presume…)

     * $4.29 on classmates. (Assuming we have classmates, that is…)

     * $3.27 on our pets. (Our pets?!?)

     Hey, when you think about it, shouldn’t we really be spending MORE money on our pets? After all, the love we get from them is unconditional.

     On the other hand, they don’t drink much wine and aren’t very good conversationalists.

     If you’re still looking for a special way to spend Valentine’s Day with someone special, and you live in or near Ohio, consider attending the “Chocolate Is for Lovers” wine tour.

     This event takes place at the wineries of northeastern Ohio, where chocolate, appetizers and, of course, wine will be available at each tasting room along the Vines & Wines Trail.

     To learn more about this event, call 800-227-6972.

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