What's in a Name? In Sonoma County, a Lot

     Vintners who make Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley grapes… or Zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley grapes… are rightfully proud of their bottlings.

     Russian River Pinot and Dry Creek Zin are sought-after by wine drinkers in the know, men and women who understand that certain varieties thrive in specific microclimates.

     But if a campaign being undertaken by the Sonoma County Vintners trade organization is successful, wineries will be required to include two additional words on their bottle labels: Sonoma County.


     It’s all about marketing. Some believe that even though there are numerous unique microclimates within the county’s borders, it’s important to promote the county as a whole to wine consumers.

     As Nick Frey, President of the vintners’ group, put it: “Our future depends on ‘Sonoma County’ having value.”

     And why is that so? Because, according to WineOpinions spokesman Christian Miller, “Sonoma County is unique among wine regions because it rates very high in value, quality and awareness.” He likened the name to “a safety net for consumers.”

     Not all vintners agree, but enough of them do that the trade organization is moving forward with its effort.

     To read more about the perceived value of the Sonoma County designation, read this story from the North Bay Business Journal: http://www.northbaybusinessjournal.com/17927/winery-group-seeks-sonoma-co-label-law/

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