Decisions, Decisions… Orange County or Santa Barbara?

    I’m always up for a good wine festival, and the 2010 California Wine Festival looks like a good one.

     Better make that two.

     There are two separate events planned, one in Orange County and one in Santa Barbara County.

     The one in “The O.C.” is scheduled for April 22-24, but before going any further, let me get something off my chest.

     I was raised in Orange County. Newport Beach, to be precise. And during all of my years there, I never once heard the county or the city referred to as “The O.C.” – until the television series of the same name began airing on Fox.

     Would you call Los Angeles, “The L.A.”? Of course not.

     Would you call San Francisco, “The S.F.”? No.

     Would you call… okay, I think you get my point.

     Now, on with today’s wine report…

     Here’s a rundown on the events at the Orange County edition of the California Wine Festival…

     * “Taste the Future – 21st Century Classics.” At the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel – which, incidentally, is not known as “The L.N.”

     * “Sunset Rare & Reserve Wine Tasting.” At the Dana Point Yacht Club.

     * “Beachside Wine Festival.” At Doheny State Beach.

     Each event requires its own ticket, and those ordering in advance receive a discount.

     The same goes for the Santa Barbara edition of the festival, which is scheduled July 15-17. There, the lineup looks like this…

     * “Old Spanish Nights – Tapas and Wine Tasting.” At De La Guerra Adobe Courtyard.

     * “Sunset Rare & Reserve Wine Tasting.” Near the carousel in Chase Palm Park.

     * “Beachside Wine Festival.” At Chase Palm Park Oceanside.

     As you can see, two of the three events at each venue are virtually identical, which means you’ll basically be choosing between:

     * April or July.

     * Orange County or Santa Barbara.

     * New classics or tapas-friendly wines.

     If you suffer from Brett Favre Syndrome and simply can’t decide, there’s an easy solution.

     Go to both.

     You can get all the details and order tickets online at

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