Don't Throw Those Corks Away!

     You can turn used corks into a handy – and eye-catching – trivet for the kitchen.

     Here’s what you need, according to TV host Sean Conway:

     * A 6- to 8-inch metal hose clamp (sold at hardware stores).

     * Enough corks to fill the inside of the clamp (about 20).

     * Two thick rubber bands.

     * A screwdriver.

     “Gather the corks, standing on end, into a circle slightly smaller than your hose clamp,” Conway advises. “Stretch the rubber bands around the bundle, one at the top edge and one at the bottom edge, to hold it in place.

     “Slide the clamp over the bundle and position it between the two rubber bands. Tighten the clamp with the screwdriver until it has compressed the corks together so they won’t fall out.”

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