Want to Lose Weight? Pour a Glass of Wine!

     There is a general belief among dieters that wine is fattening.

     It’s not that our favorite adult beverage is soaked with saturated fat or anything like that. The calories in wine come from the alcohol and, to a lesser extent, any remaining sugars following the fermentation process.

     Yes, those calories would add up if one were to go overboard in their consumption. But the same thing holds true for soda pop. As with all things involving diet, the one word to remember is “moderation.”

     But last week, even the naysayers had to take a step back and reassess their views. That’s because a study conducted by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston was released, and that study showed wine offers certain benefits to dieters.

     It wasn’t just a matter of wine “not being so bad.” This study revealed actual benefits of wine consumption for those seeking to lose weight.

     For the study, 19,200 American women age 30 and over were grilled (okay, perhaps “asked” would be a more health-conscious word) about their drinking habits. Then, over a period of 13 years, their weight losses and gains were closely monitored.

     It should come as no surprise that virtually all of the women gained weight. That’s what happens when most of us reach the big 4-oh.

     But here’s the news that should make all wine drinkers raise a toast: Those who said they do not drink – about 40 percent of the survey group – gained more weight than those who drank in… here’s that word again… moderation.

     Of spirits, wine and beer, the study showed that wine added the fewest inches to the waistline.

     And get this: A person is likely to put on more weight from consuming a 550-calorie steak than a 570-calorie bottle of Champagne. Researchers theorize that the liver breaks down alcohol differently, transforming it into heat rather than fat.

     Bottom line: Eat a slice of pizza, and much of it will be turned into fat. Drink a 120-calorie glass of wine, and most of it will be burned off.

     A caveat: Alcohol is believed to play a role in the increasing occurrences of breast cancer in women. So, don’t drink that whole bottle of wine. Again, doctors recommend enjoying wine in moderation.

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