Banfi Steps Up to Help Chilean Earthquake Victims

     Banfi Vintners, a pioneer in the Chilean wine industry, plans to make a substantial contribution toward efforts to rebuild and rehabilitate victims of the recent devastating earthquake in Chile.

     An estimated 2 million people have been left homeless as a result of the magnitude 8.8 quake, which struck in the early hours of February 27. The country’s infrastructure also has been hit hard.

     Banfi Vintners will donate $150,000 to Levantando Chile (Raise the Roof for Chile). In addition, the company is encouraging distributor partners to join in supporting relief efforts through several strategically run programs. Also, the company is working closely with friends and colleagues at Concha y Toro on specific initiatives and funding designed to help employees and their families in Chile to rebuild their lives following the disaster.

     “With Banfi Vintners accounting for almost 50 percent of all bottled Chilean wines sold in the U.S., it is incumbent on us to rally to the aid of the people of Chile in their time of need,” observed James Mariani, Co-CEO of Banfi Vintners.

     Banfi Vintners has served as the primary catalyst for the Chilean wine industry in the U.S., dating back to 1988 when the company acquired import rights to represent Concha y Toro, Chile’s largest wine producer.

     In 1989, in line with its philosophy of spearheading fine wines at a reasonable price, Banfi Vintners went on to launch the Walnut Crest label. Subsequent additions to Banfi’s portfolio of Chilean estates include Emiliana, Palo Alto and Maycas del Limari.

     Banfi Vintners has a long-established track record of support for charitable and philanthropic causes. This includes funding reconstruction efforts in Potenza, Italy, in the wake of a 1980 earthquake there, as well as numerous endowments made to universities and educational establishments around the world.

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