Thinking Good Thoughts for the People of Chile

    The impact of the big earthquake in Chile wasn’t nearly as dire as the impact of the big earthquake in Honduras, simply because Chile has a much more modern infrastructure.

     Even so, damage was substantial, and the wine industry did not escape the wrath of Mother Nature. For a detailed report from USA Today, follow this link:

     The larger wine estates and distributors stepped forward quickly with assistance, but it’s feared that some of the smaller producers may not be able to bounce back.

     The ripple effect impacts all aspects of the wine industry in Chile, from the growers who suddenly have fewer estates that can buy their grapes, to men and women who serve in various support positions at the impacted wineries.

     It’s much like the situation in Detroit. There, when a car assembly plant closes, it also impacts parts suppliers, nearby restaurants and so on.

     We’ve enjoyed countless wines of exceptional quality from Chile over the years. So, if you’re so inclined, think a good thought or two for the people there – all the people.

     For many of them, times have never been worse… but hopefully will get better soon.

     P.S.: The USA Today story includes a link with information on how you can help.

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