Gourmet Mustard Producer's Roots Revealed

     For many years, two iconic restaurants along California’s Mendocino Coast were the Noyo River Restaurant and the Rendezvous – owned by Lionel and Rose Jacobs.

     More dedicated or passionate restaurateurs would be difficult to find. They took every detail seriously – and that included making their own gourmet salad dressings and mustards.

     So popular were these condiments that customers more or less shamed Chef Lionel into making them available to take home. Once the decision was made to venture into that arena, the Noyo brand was founded.

     Demand was such that, over time, production became a full-time endeavor. The company relocated to a slightly more dense population area and was renamed the Napa Mustard Co.

     Later, daughter Cindy joined the company, and today she is the sole proprietor. She runs the business with the same vigor and commitment as did her parents, and all of the gourmet mustards are allergen-free, fat-free, trans fat-free, gluten-free and low in carbs. Some also are carb-free and sugar-free.

     Among the many “flavors” of mustard now offered are curry, Cognac and pepper, garlic and honey, Merlot and spice, sesame, garlic Dijon, balsamic and herb, tequila jalapeno, Zinfandel-orange, Zinfandel and garlic, tropical mango, crunchy cranberry Dijon, Merlot ‘n chocolate, sake wasabi and orange espresso.

     To learn more about the company and its gourmet mustard offerings, visit its Web site: napamustard.gourmetfoodmall.com

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