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Wheel Your Way Through Provence

     If you’ve ever been to “wine country” – in almost any state or country where winegrapes are grown — chances are you’ve encountered them along the wine trails and back roads: bicyclists.

     Perhaps you even have been one of those bicyclists.

     Riding on a two-wheeler certainly is a slower-paced way to soak in the scenery and scents provided by the vineyards…

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Love Pinot Noir? This Festival Is for You

     It’s just a little more than two weeks away, but if there’s any way you could swing the trip, it would be sooo worth your while.

     “It” is the 13th annual Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival, presented by the Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association in California’s Mendocino County. The festival is scheduled for May 14-16 all over the bucolic valley.

     The Anderson Valley has been described as “a hidden treasure of pastoral beauty, colorful history, and bountiful food and drink.” It’s all of that and more…

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Wine Festivals Galore in Michigan

     There are wine festivals and there are wine festivals.

     In Michigan, they take their wine festivals seriously, with four big ones scheduled during the spring and early summer.

     The most unusual would have to be the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Festival, set for June 19…

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'Single Night' to Focus on Single-Vineyard Wines… and More

    They call it “Single Night” for more than a single reason.

     “They” are the Russian River Valley Winegrowers, and they’ve planned a very special evening for Saturday, June 5 at C. Donatiello Winery.

     The focus of the event will be…

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