Another Award for Central Coast Vineyard Team

     The Sustainability In Practice certification program of the Central Coast Vineyard Team has been awarded an IPM Innovators Award by the state of California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

     It marks the second time the Central Coast Vineyard Team has been honored by the California DPR.

     The annual awards recognize diverse groups of businesses and organizations which lead by example in providing innovative solutions for integrated pest management strategies – controlling insects, weeds, rodents and other pests with a combination of natural and preventive measures less toxic than traditional treatments.

     The Central Coast Vineyard Team was first honored in 1997 for developing the Positive Points Systems to evaluate IPM strategies in vineyards.

     This new award honors the Sustainability in Practice certification program that requires growers to use a variety of practices that protect air and water quality, food safety and worker health.

     Since SIP’s 2008 implementation, certified acreage has increased from 3,700 acres to more than 11,000. Today, more than 50,000 cases of wine carry the SIP seal on wine bottle labels to help consumers identify sustainable wines, with new winery participants added in every vintage.

     Joining SIP in receiving this year’s awards were a diverse group of businesses and organizations, including the city of San Jose.

     “From vacuuming cockroaches infesting a cafe to building bird and bat houses to attract natural predators that eat insects and rodents in vineyards and parks, this year’s honorees exemplify pest control strategies,” DPR Director Mary-Ann Warmerdam said.

     “IPM is more protective of public health and safer for the environment, whether you have a pest problem in a home or office building, agricultural fields, garden or park.”

     Earlier this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presented the Central Coast Vineyard Team with the agency’s Sustained Excellence in Integrated Pest Management Award for its continued efforts in pest management.

     While SIP is an effort by the Central Coast Vineyard Team, the certification program is available for any vineyard in California.

Posted in Wine and the Environment
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