How to Spend Your Tax Refund

     Have money coming back this year from Uncle Sam?

     Lucky you!

     Please send your checks or money orders to: Robert Johnson, Editor,, c/o of the Web site.

     (Just kidding!)

     If you’re planning a bit of a splurge with your refund, here are two suggestions:

     1. Buy a case (or as many bottles as may be available) of a California or Bordeaux “cult wine,” and then cellar the bottles for several years.

     For the first time in recent history, a number of formerly impossible-to-get wines have found their way into the marketplace. And some of them are being made available at much lower prices than their historic highs.

     If you’re looking strictly for an investment, a case of “cult wine” can be had at a relative bargain price now, and figures to regain its historic value once the economy turns around.

     There’s no guarantee, of course, but the same principle of buying low and selling high that’s embraced in real estate and the stock market applies here.

     Worst case scenario: The wine fails to appreciate considerably… and you have to drink it.

     2. Stock your cellar.

     Use that tax windfall to build up your supply of both everyday drinking wines and special occasion wines.

     Perhaps a case of Zinfandel for your weekly “pizza night.” Or two bottles of ultra-premium wine for your next birthday and that of your significant other.

     As you know, Vinesse offers a wide selection of top-quality bottlings across the price spectrum, so when that refund checks arrives, just log on to to see what’s available.

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