Wine Festivals Galore in Michigan

     There are wine festivals and there are wine festivals.

     In Michigan, they take their wine festivals seriously, with four big ones scheduled during the spring and early summer.

     The most unusual would have to be the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Festival, set for June 19. It will feature all the usual festival fare, but with one big difference: It will take place on a beach.

     (Here’s hoping attendees bring odor-less sun screen!)

     The festival schedule, and some helpful links:

     * May 15-16 – Old Mission Blossom Days.

     * June 19 – Lake Michigan Shore Wine Festival.

     * June 26 – Fenn Valley Wine Fest.

     * June 26-27 – Great Lakes Wine Festival.

     Pick a festival, and go with an open mind. While many Michigan estates produce familiar varietals, just as many make wine from lesser-known, weather-resistant varieties.

     To paraphrase an old spaghetti sauce commercial: “Try them… you might like them.”

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