This Winery Scores a Touchdown

     Drew Bledsoe has the distinction of being replaced by two of the best known quarterbacks of the new millennium.

     That’s not to say he didn’t have a sterling career of his own. From 1993-2001, he was the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. He then spent three years with the Buffalo Bills and two with the Dallas Cowboys before calling it a career.

     In New England, he was succeeded by Tom Brady, who took over after Bledsoe was injured and never relinquished the starting role. In Dallas, during what proved to be his final season, he was replaced by Tony Romo.

     But over the course of his career, he completed enough passes (3,839) to be ranked fifth all-time, and threw enough touchdown passes (251) to be ranked 13th all-time.

     Now, he has returned to his roots in Walla Walla, Washington – where he went to high school and lettered in both football and basketball – and has launched his own wine label: Doubleback.

     The initial offering was a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, which has garnered solid reviews.

     And Bledsoe tells Yahoo Sports columnist Michael Silver that he’s enjoying his new career as a vintner.

    “It’s a pleasure doing business when your business is pleasure,” Bledsoe says.

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