Women Take the Lead in Wine Consumption

     In case you needed further evidence that women rule the world, consider this: According to the most recent data released by The Wine Institute, 53 percent of all wine drinkers are women.

     Even more importantly, the number of women who are considered “core wine drinkers” – that is, those who drink wine at least once per week – now equals the number of men in that category.

     You’ve come a long way, baby!

     Oops, sorry – no room for even a hint of sexism in a post such as this!

     As a man who raised a daughter, I love to see this type of statistical reporting. As women become “equal” or take the lead in any statistical category, the barriers between the sexes are further lowered. And that can only be helpful in the job market and in society in general.

     The trend may accelerate based on the results of a study, reported on here recently, that showed women who drink moderately on a regular basis – particularly red wine – are less likely to have long-term weight gain than non-drinkers.

     Given all this good news, perhaps it’s time to change my name from Robert to Bobbie…

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