Additional Concert Tickets Go on Sale Today

     If you’ve never been to one of the Summer Concert Series shows at Chateau Ste. Michelle in the great Pacific Northwest, you really need to add one such show to your personal “bucket list.”

     (Or, since this is a wine blog, perhaps we should change that to “barrel list.”)

     Seriously, the shows at Ste. Michelle are wonderful. Traffic can be a bit of a hassle on concert days – getting into the parking area requires a good deal of patience – but once you’re “in,” the grounds are beautiful, the wine is wonderful and the sound is great. It’s a fabulous way to spend a few hours, and best of all, the venue is an easy drive drive from Seattle.

     Two of this summer’s shows sold out very quickly, prompting promoters to negotiate with Ste. Michelle officials for additional dates. Today, tickets go on sale for those added shows.

     The additional show date for Pink Martini is Monday, August 30, while the added date for Harry Connick Jr. is Sunday, September 26.

     Most folks are familiar with the work of Mr. Connick, but Pink Martini is one of those groups that exists largely under the radar except among those with very eclectic musical tastes. So, for the uninitiated, a snippet from Interview magazine about Pink Martini:

     <<< The retro-minded, multilingual, virtuosic musicians of Pink Martini gleefully trip across boundaries with each new album. “Splendor in the Grass,” their latest, is no different. Jam-packed with unlikely excavations, inspired collaborations, obscure covers, and lyrics in languages ranging from Japanese to Neapolitan, it’s a gift to music magpies the world over. >>>

     Sound enticing? We thought so. Here are some helpful links for anyone interested in attending these or other concerts at Chateau Ste. Michelle…

     * For the most up-to-date concert schedule and information, go to:

     * View General Concert Information

     * Concert FAQ


     * View 2010 Concert Calendar

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