3 Tips for Aspiring Wine Collectors

     People collect wine for one of two reasons: as an investment, or to have some truly memorable drinking experiences.

     Given how the recession has changed the marketplace, investing is an iffy proposition today. There’s no guarantee that big-ticket wines will appreciate in value to the degree that they’re worth the investment in storage space, temperature-control cooling, etc.

     But if your goal is to have an array of top-quality wines on hand for special occasions, the following tips should help…

     1. Figure out what you like. It makes no sense to collect wines that have received big ratings from Robert Parker or Wine Spectator if you, personally, don’t like them. A lot of wine gets purchased based on the idea that the purchaser “should” like them. When you think about it, that’s a silly approach.

     2. Network. Being a member of a wine club is a great idea because it exposes you to varieties and blends you may otherwise not encounter. Ask like-minded friends what they’re drinking. Engage sommeliers in conversation when you go out to eat. All of these sources can help you select wines that may be flying under the radar, which means you can secure them at decent prices.

     3. Buy smart. In many cases, when you buy wine by the case, the seller will provide a 5 to 15 percent discount. If you want to stock up on a specific wine, it makes sense to take advantage of whatever discounts may be offered.

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