Remembering the Real Reason for Memorial Day

     For many people – the Johnson family included – the Memorial weekend marks the official beginning of the grilling season.

     And that means bottles of Zinfandel and various roses will be brought out of the cellar (a.k.a. the closet) so they’re readily at hand when a juicy steak or chicken quarter or some other grillable edible takes its place over those red-hot oak chips.

     We’re fortunate that grilling is an option, and that there’s always plenty of food and wine around the house.

     And on Memorial Day, we all should take a moment to remember why that’s possible. It’s because of the men and women who served in our armed forces over the years, many of whom paid the ultimate price for their service.

     So if you’re enjoying a barbecue today, take a moment to raise a glass of wine to all of our brave Americans in uniform.

     Let’s never forget the reason we have today off.

Posted in Editor's Journal
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