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Oregon Wineries Embrace 'Green' Philosophy

     No state takes the “green movement” more seriously than Oregon, and that certainly goes for Oregon’s grape growers and wine estates.

     When the governor of the state put forth the Carbon Neutral Challenge Initiative, more than two dozen wineries got involved right away…

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Arrowood to Concentrate on Amapola

     Wine industry icon Richard Arrowood has announced his decision to leave his long-time position as winemaster at Arrowood Vineyards & Winery to make a full-time commitment to his newest venture, Amapola Creek.

     Founded in 2007 with wife Alis Demers Arrowood, Amapola Creek is a tiny, ultra-premium winery that focuses on organically farmed, estate-grown, small-lot Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel from the Sonoma Valley.

      As Arrowood prepares to enter…

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Extending the Summertime Wine Fun

     Imagine floating on a raft – or a canoe or kayak – while listening to great jazz and blues music.

     As if California’s North Coast wine country didn’t already offer enough diversions, the aforementioned scenario will present itself at the 34th annual Russian River Jazz & Blues Festival on the weekend of September 11-12.

     This marks the second year that Omega Events has paired the two music genres in response to visitor suggestions…

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Expanded Label Information

     Should wine labels be required to include nutritional information?

     It’s an ongoing debate, with many people in the wine industry opposed to the idea, even as the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau works on a revised set of rules.

     The opposition is based mainly on the amount of work that would be involved to include the information. Wineries already have to jump through hoops…

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