Your Right to Buy Wine Is Threatened

     Recently legislation has been introduced into Congress that, if passed, could severely restrict your rights to buy and have wine shipped to you.

     H.R. 5034 was introduced into the House of Representatives in April at the behest of alcohol wholesalers. The legislation would give states the right to pass bans on direct shipping that could not be challenged in court.

     In the past, discriminatory bans on direct shipping have been struck down by the courts. H.R. 5034 would make discriminatory bans on shipping immune from court challenges.

     It’s expected that upon passage of this legislation, many states will see the introduction of laws that prohibit you from buying wine direct from retailers and wineries.

     Here’s how you can help fight this legislation…

     * Use this tool to contact your congressional representative and Judiciary Committee members, urging them to oppose H.R. 5034

     * Join thousands on Facebook in support of stopping H.R. 5034

     * Find out more by visiting

     * Stay informed by signing up for email alerts here:

     * Spread the word. Please tell your friends about what’s happening.

     At the website, you can read about who supports the bill, who is opposing H.R. 5034, scan numerous media reports on the legislation and, most important, stay informed about your rights to buy wine direct from retailers and wineries.

     The Specialty Wine Retailers Association, which is maintaining the page, is working hard with other organizations and consumer groups to stop this harmful legislation.

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