California Grape Growers Get a New Leader

     The California Association of Winegrape Growers has appointed John Aguirre as its new President.

     Assuming the role this past Tuesday, Aguirre will lead the association in serving as an advocate for California’s winegrape growers, whose crops contribute more than $2 billion annually to the state’s economy. Aguirre will oversee the association’s membership, legislative, regulatory and marketing activities.

     “California winegrape growers have led the way in so many aspects of the agricultural community,” said Aguirre. “They are innovative, forward-thinking stewards of the land and it will be an honor and privilege to represent and serve CAWG members.”

     Aguirre joins CAWG after spending the last 11 years as the Executive Director of the Oregon Association of Nurseries.

     “CAWG has a strong track record of achievement and success in public policy, industry relations, marketing and education,” noted Aguirre. “And, that record of success is built on a foundation of strong leadership, hard work, and many sound relationships.”

     Relationships are extremely important in the wine business – particularly between growers and wineries. Today, many growers work hand-in-hand with specific wineries to deliver winegrapes of exceptional quality, as opposed to meeting a minimum quantity level. That translates into better finished wines for consumers to enjoy.

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