Chilean Winery to Gauge Its Water Footprint

     Concha y Toro has taken an additional step in its sustainable development strategy.

     In partnership with Fundacion Chile and the Water Footprint Network – an international organization with a mission of promoting the transition to sustainable water use by production systems – the company announced that this year it will become the first winery in the world to measure its corporate water footprint.

     The methodology, used worldwide, has been developed by the Water Footprint Network. Fundacion Chile will provide technical advice and support the company in this project, which will result in Concha y Toro becoming the first wine company with water footprint accreditation.

     By committing to the mission stated by the WFN, Vina Concha y Toro will become a regular partner of a select network, joining more than 80 companies – including academic institutions, government agencies and international organizations – which have committed to caring for water use in their production processes. The regular partners can use the tools and services offered by the Network and participate in forums to share experiences.

     Noted Giancarlo Bianchetti, Sustainable Development Director at Concha y Toro: “As the largest winery in the region and one of the most important wineries internationally, we could not be left out of this global initiative of commitment to efficient water use, which the major productive industries have joined.

     “We are confident that with the support of WFN and FCH, we will obtain a good estimate of our water footprint and of its quality, which will help us achieve significant water savings and increase efficient water use with the ensuing positive impact on the environment and our planet’s resources.”

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