Ravenswood Knows How to Get Ink

     If you’re a parent, you may have experienced it.

     That day you thought the world was going to end.

     That day your beautiful teenage daughter came home with your worst nightmare.

     No, not her first “serious” boyfriend.

     No, not an “F” on her report card.


     A tattoo.

     But times have changed, and so has the perception of tattoos. Once thought of as something only a member of the Hell’s Angels would do to themselves, today they’re much more mainstream, and some are even considered works of art.

     So if you’re still “old school” when it comes to tats and you happen to be at the Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma, Calif., on July 17, don’t freak out.

     On that day, Ravenswood will host its 2nd annual Tattoo “Coming Out” Party. And a whole bunch of people will be showing off their Ravenswood “circular ravens” tattoos, patterned after the winery’s label logo.

     For a $15 fee, guests will experience:

     * Mingling and comparing of tattoos.

     * A contest with prizes for the winner of the “Best Tattoo of the Day.”

     * On-site air brushing of temporary tats for “non-inked” participants who want to join in the fun.

     * Appetizers and, of course, plenty wine.

     Ravenswood Winery is located at 18701 Gehricke Road in Sonoma. If you can’t find it, just follow the sound of any Harley in the neighborhood.

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